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How intellection and creativity happen in mind:

((Akshay Bansal))

Creativity and intellection are the only characteristics which separate us from other species, it helped us for survival and eventually helped us to rule over the animals 10X bigger.

But how does it happen?

Technology has enabled us to look the working of a brain at the neuron level and how they are working in a group with the help of neuron chemicals and other auxiliary elements, but let this complex subject with the specialists and let's crack down the scientific language into a simple one, to understand how intellection and creativity happens in our mind with our favorite axis method. Many scientists have their own theories to explain how humans think, but making it simple assume 3 axis of intellection, in which horizontal axis signifies knowledge from the diverse subject, the vertical axis of deep knowledge about a subject and vertical and horizontal axis of your intellection combines to create z-axis of creativity and thinking. Consider three axis 3-D model of our thinking and knowledge with horizontal axis of diverse knowledge, vertical axis of deep knowledge and Z axis of thinking and creativity with

Consider three axis 3-D model of our thinking and knowledge with horizontal axis of diverse knowledge, vertical axis of deep knowledge and Z axis of thinking and creativity with

The vertical axis of deep knowledge: The axis represents how deep is our knowledge and experience about a subject, the more curious we are about anything, the more we will explore about it, and the more stretched our vertical axis will become. The horizontal axis of diverse knowledge: This axis belongs to the knowledge about diverse subjects, Z- Magical axis of thinking and creativity: This is the axis where magic finally happens, combining the two axis (diverse knowledge and deep knowledge) will create a third axis of creativity and intellection.

Heuro to cater your all three axis: here is how?

With this model in mind, heuro is designed to cater your thinking. Serving your vertical axis: Let me explain it to you with the analogy of a weighing scale, to balance the weighing scale; you have to put the equal amount of weight on each side, so the level of information must balance the level of your curiosity. We all have few subjects which we want to dive deep into. The more we get into them, the more curious we become about them, the more the weight of your curiosity the more will be the deepness of your exploration, but in this too much information abundant world, where the correct level of information and knowledge is scarce according to the level for the subject, for example, you have a new urge to know about block chain technology but you are new to the subject, so you need basic Wikipedia articles first to fully understand the subject, but you are feeding yourself with the high dose of information which might kill your curiosity, as curiosity is the most valuable thing but overdose on web is killing it, that's why you need to cater it accordingly, in heuro to cater the intellect of the user it is necessary that it has to have a knowledge search engine for every level of your curiosity. Serving your horizontal axis of diverse knowledge: The organization is another scarce resource in the world of information abundance, with intuitive user interface keeping you updated about all of your interest in a highly organized way, so all the interest related information or news to serve your horizontal axis of knowledge. Serving your creative axis: Heuro lets you document your intellectual life, with interacting information and knowledge design, tools for your flash of genius ideas, and to share your ideas with the world.

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