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Create your own virtual class in Heuro


Any professor/ Teacher or even students can create their virtual class in Heuro, Here is how to do the social learning: 1) Create a tag by writing an article or paper and tag it. 2) Share the same tag to your fellow students, teacher or peers, 3) Ask fellow students to write the paper and then submit it with the same tag, 4) Now in Discover tab, search that tag and make it favorite, 5) Open that tag and see how all the articles from fellow students are coming together, If you are having problem to create a tag, please let us know at contact@heuroapp.com, one of our team member will guide you.

Benefits to create virtual class in Heuro.

1) Gives freedom to you and your teacher: With Heuro, by creating your own tag, a teacher can give assignment to the students and students can research, make notes and create a paper or essay on that assignment and teachers can check and give feedback to each article or paper anytime anywhere, 2) Learn from your mistakes and opinion and mistakes of others and have the exponential learning: with all the papers in one place, checked and remarked by the teacher, a student can learn from the others opinion on the same topic and also the teacher's feedback on those opinions, 3) Learning Bonding: you can connect and follow personally with the students you are most resonate with, 4) You can join with the other class rooms and their assignment as well, as an outside the class learning.

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